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Custom Paw Ring

Custom Paw Ring

Custom Paw Ring

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Keep memories close.

Imagine having that one item that will forever connect you with your beloved companion. Something so personalized it’s “One-Of-A-Kind”.

Your dog is one of the few things in life which will just love you unconditionally.
Our goal is to create something for you, which is everlasting and can remind you of all the memories you had and the love you share(d) for each other.

How does it work?

  • Take the paw of your dog
  • Just take a photo of it with your phone
  • Upload it above ⇧
  • Receive the ring with your dog's paw within two weeks (Shipping Policy)

Free Shipping: (USA)

Your rings will take about 2 business days to imprint and two weeks to arrive.

Our Rings are made of:
Sterling Silver, Rose Gold (plated), and 18k Gold (plated).

For further alternatives of photos we accept, you can read more here

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